Bryan Brack



SCI + TEC, Dubfire, Amazing Records,Illegal Alien, Dark & Sonorous, Minihardその他多数のアーティストへの楽曲をプロデュース、新世代のプロデューサーとして多くの支持を集める。またアンダーグラウンドサウンドへの愛情と熱い思いが自身のレーベル、MINI HARDの創設に繋がっている。現在はミニマル、テクノ、テックハウスシーンにおいて世界中からユニークな持ち味のあるアーティストの発掘と輩出に力を入れている。


Bryan Brack part of the first wave of Dominican producers of electronic music,
Bryan made his name by itself, producing sounds increasingly stranger and a DJ style that is perfectly balanced between Minimal – Techno, always giving it a personal touch, Bryan is in a constant search for a sound that increasingly reflects your personality and form of thinking as a result creating exotic and creepy sounds, getting great results in a very short time. With his productions for SCI + TEC Dubfire, Amazing Records, Illegal Alien, Dark & ​​Sonorous, Minihard. among others, Just listen to his tracks “as Dubfire remix and his latest work” ASTRAL” eventually becomes popular among the new generation of producers, this and his love for the genre underground led him to create his own label to promote new musical talent from all over the world, looking for a unique and special sound within the scene minimal, techno and tech – house, always focusing on a minimalist and abstract sound, searching through music connect and stimulate senses, minihard is a journey to new experiences and great moments.